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Something for everyone!

The feeling of sitting at home trying to decide where we should we go out for dinner tonight? Mom says that she feels like Italian food, sister says that she wants Indian food, dad comes along and says I really want to go to that nice Chinese restaurant and little brother is crying because none of the above options have somewhere for him to play...just as they are leaving home dressed up and ready to go still without a clue to which restaurant they are headed too. The wise neighbor walks up to the car and whispers into the window have you guys heard of Grand has something for everyone from Italian, Indian, Chinese, Seafood and Continental cuisines that are to die for not to mention they have one of the biggest kids play areas with all the bells and whistles from Xbox, PS4, toddler toys and Professional nannies to watch your kids, not to mention you can go at anytime because they are OPEN 24 HOURS!!!


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