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Updated: Jul 25, 2018

The Grand Restaurant is comprised of ultra-talented and experienced chefs, waiters and waitresses. Who are constantly striving for excellence and constancy to give you not only freshest but best quality food, we aim to deliver first class customer service to ensure you receive the Grand experience at its finest.

"The downtown jewel of Dar es Salaam"

WANG SIHAI. - Head of Chinese Cuisine

Francesco Caricato - HEAD CHEF

Alphonce Kadenguka - Head of Indian and Local Cuisine

Wang Sihai comes with a vast knowledge of Chinese and Cantonese food experience, he comes with 25 years of culinary experience.​​​

He has worked as a pastry chef in Guangdong International Hotel and Guangdong President Hotel, he specializes in Chinese cuisine and brings a taste of Asia to Dar es Salaam.

Francesco Caricato has over 25 years of experience having worked all over Europe as well as in Thailand, South America, Tanzania and South Africa.

His specialty is without a doubt preparing his home country's signature dishes of pizza and pasta. He has been training the local chefs on skills he has picked up from all over the world, so for the real Italian experience the Grand Restaurant is the place to be.

Our Local resident head chef has over 20 years of culinary experience specializing in both Indian and local cuisines. His specialty dish is a must try butter chicken made authentic, with years of experience crafted into it, he now mentors up and coming chefs training them on variety of cuisines and sharing his knowledge which guarantees all food going out from the kitchen is of the highest quality.

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